Sound Off

Sound Off for September 20, 2016

Fear factor

I want to report two creepy clowns sighted on CNN this morning. They claim to be running for President.

My country

As an American citizen, I will not “get the hell out.” I will work to change the system by protesting for what the flag and the anthem are supposed to represent.

Virtual smoke

While Secretary, Hillary sent or received an average 20 emails per day, which she destroyed when courts ordered her to surrender them. If she'd had to burn letters, that fire would still be smoldering.

White power

The Democrats and Republicans cater to the black and Latino voters. Both parties seem to forget that we whites still vote. They may remember come Election Day in November.

Hard lesson

I realize millions of voters don’t know the meaning of national security. Unfortunately, if we continue to elect weak leaders, we will all know what it means.

Lowballed it

Hillary Clinton was so wrong with her "50% deplorable" remark about Trump supporters. It is more like 80%.

Restore pride

I am ready for a President to lead us back to being proud of our country. No more Obama/Clinton types who have no pride in the USA.

Hidden agenda

I am not naive enough to not believe that there is not a trick involved in the "Thaw the Freeze" campaign. Down the road you will be sorry!

In charge

The solution to illegal immigration is to allow all who will come, but require that they live in sanctuary cities which bear full responsibility for them, including any terroristic acts they commit.