Sound Off

Sound Off for September 21, 2016

Spelling it out

TextI did the "T" of "TNR" (trap-neuter-release) and caught an angry, Lone Ranger-masked "cat" with a bushy ringed tail. I quickly did the "R" part before it did the "N" on me.

Culture war hypocrisy

“Bill Clinton Calls Voters Sexist" — Why are Trump voters "sexist" when Trump voters probably have more respect for Hillary as a woman than Bill ever has?

Don’t buy it

Everyone now knows game plan is to get older homeowners not to vote No. Council hopes that “grandfathering” will neutralize older homeowners. This is really a very distasteful tactic. Vote No.

Good second impression

I first thought the photo of the kneeling Atlanta Falcons was another “trash America” scene. Then I read the caption saying they were praying in tribute to 9-11. Thank God! Proud of those Falcons!

Before you hit ‘Send’ ...

Is there any lingering doubt that you do not say anything in an email that you cannot defend to the press (or your boss) the next day?

Not always so simple

To the writers who criticized popcorn being given as a reward for good behavior at the jail, there are also innocent people jailed. Remember Paul and Silas? Study the situation before making a group judgment.