Sound Off

Sound Off for September 22, 2016

It will get worse

I have been experiencing headaches and flu-like symptoms lately. Could it be due to Election Burnout Syndrome?

Built-in protection

It is amazing how many times folks lie about the “Thaw.” Current homeowners will remain under the freeze until the property changes hands.

Swapped ideologies

I passed American history. The “Southern Strategy” was started by the Republicans. Strom Thurmond led the Southern Democrats into the Republican Party. That's when the Party of Lincoln became a segregationist party. Still is.

It’s not either/or

As a fan, I am pleased to pay good money to attend a sporting event as well as see an athlete express a well needed political statement.

Invasive procedure

I went to my dermatologist the other day and after I received the bill I thought I had been to my proctologist.

Slow news day?

“Above the fold” is a newspaper’s prime real estate. Today it is occupied by Trump’s “birther” retraction. Aren’t there better properties in which the Fourth Estate can invest? Somewhere, Edmund Burke is shaking his head.