Sound Off

Sound Off for September 23, 2016

Voices of boom, voices of bust

I'm curious. Are the people predicting devastation if BRAC reduces Fort Benning the same ones who predicted all the largesse when the Armored Division came from Fort Knox?

Racism a multi-color woe

Have you ever been bullied at school, run off a job, denied college admission, refused service in a restaurant, or physically assaulted, because of your skin color? My family and I have. No, we're white.

That’s called ‘skin,’ honey

I am convinced that in the future if circuses still exist that have sideshows, there will be a freak show featuring a man who has no tattoos anywhere on his body.

But that’s different

You right-wing hypocrites are laughable. It's OK to play patriotic and criticize a football player for kneeling during the National Anthem while you badmouth your country and president.

Makes the opponents’ case

Tuesday’s "Tax Scam" letter proves why Columbus needs to lift the freeze. We have one of the highest tax rates because that is the only way CCG and MCSD can survive, thanks to the freeze.

Take a breath

Unemployment is at 4.9%, lowest since Oct 2007; median income is up 5.2% since 2014, biggest improvement ever; and poverty rate has dropped 1.2 percentage points. And you worry about 100,000 refugees taking our jobs?