Sound Off

Sound Off for September 24, 2016

Role model

Trump admires Putin's leadership style, which largely consists of assassinating or imprisoning critics and confiscating their property. Now that's leadership we can admire!

Role model II

Guess we should give Nancy Pelosi credit for the MCSD recent hiring snafu … liberals took her literally about passing things before reading the paperwork.

Role model III

To all "smart" parents: Texting while driving is illegal and dangerous. Remember, your children mimic you. What do you think they will do when they start driving?

Key constituent

The Philadelphia police hater who fired about 15 shots at a female cop, 14 shots at two car occupants, fired into a bar, shot a hostage, shot another cop, sounds like an NRA poster child.

Kind souls

Much appreciation to those people who try to find homes for homeless animals. Please have your pets spayed and neutered.


We will not buy another house in Muscogee County unless things change with the tax freeze. There is no incentive to stay here.

That’s news?

So now, the Great Donald finally admits what we all knew, that Obama was born in the U.S. and it makes headlines in the Ledger-Enquirer? I think that's deplorable!

Just a guess

I think that Senator Harry Reid is a bed wetter.