Sound Off

Sound Off for September 25, 2016

Voting by the book

Webster dictionary defines “conserve” as “to preserve or to save.” Let us save our country by voting in conservatives.

A little balance

Leonard Pitts and cartoons making fun of Trump are always in the paper … how about some conservative stuff too?

Freeze not inherited

My friend inherited his mother’s house in Green Island. He was in for a big surprise. The tax on the house went from $1,000 yearly to $8,000 yearly. He’s having to sell because he can’t afford the taxes.

Give it a rest

Trump needs to leave Obama’s birthplace alone. It’s in the past. Trump needs to concentrate on what he will do to make the country great and beautiful.

Inspirational appearance

After watching Michelle Obama speak Saturday for Hillary in Fairfax, Virginia, I felt like I was seeing the second woman to become president. She was g-r-e-a-t.

Self-defeating loyalty

After seeing the movie, “Hillary’s America” and how the Democratic Party has treated the blacks throughout history, it is a wonder why they continue to vote for them. Democrats have opposed them all the way.

Party switch didn’t happen

I’m sorry, but you can’t spin Southern segregation history. Of the 22 “Dixiecrats,” only one became Republican. Strom Thurmond. The rest were re-elected year after year as staunch Democrats.

Your day of reckoning is coming

You just wait. President Trump will send you "protesters" back to where you came from, too!

We’ve seen it

Young homeowners were not around when city council was raising property taxes 5 to 6 percent every year. It will happen again if the freeze is voted down.