Sound Off

Sound Off for September 26, 2016

Inside job

Just saw another statistic of the states that lag in income growth. Georgia is second from the bottom. Everyone is lagging in income growth except governmental employees.

Moral truth

Pope Francis described it perfectly: “Killing in the name of God is satanic.”

Need to know

Now that we have Trump‘s medical records, let’s get his psychiatric records.

Kind stranger

Thank you to the person who bought my wife’s and my meal at Denny’s.

In name only

Columbus has Victory Drive and Veterans Parkway, yet there is no VA hospital here. Great sugar-coating, Columbus.

Generous gift

Hooray to Richard Gere for donating to the homeless in Syracuse. Where are our millionaires and billionaires sending their money? Overseas. They need to take care of the U.S. homeless, including many veterans.

More than a few

Headline: 5,300 bad apples spoil Wells Fargo’s reputation. That’s not just a bunch of bad apples. That’s a whole orchard.


Dear President Trump: I just can't wait until you're elected and move your necktie factory back to the United States from Mexico. I can quit my job at the dollar store.

Stacked deck

The schools aren’t going to get any better. Look at the parents.