Sound Off

Sound Off for September 27, 2016

The big issues

The shape the world is in and folks are worried about Brad and Angelina? Really?

Sports ‘heroes’?

They abuse dogs. They beat women. They do drugs. They shoot each other. They disrespect our flag. While we pay them millions. We used to call them jocks. Now they're just jerks.

grim scenario

A "yes" vote will result in higher taxes, property seizures and a loss of buying power. Vote "No" on thawing the tax freeze.

My grain of salt

It doesn't appear the Tulsa shooting was justified from what I can see. But that is just one deplorable's opinion.

At odds

The FOP National Lodge endorses Trump. Right-thinking members will not follow this great law enforcement organization in this year's election. The national organization should rethink its position or risk losing credibility with our nation's citizens.

Fall colors

The “motto” for Columbus is “What Progress Has Preserved.” Don’t you think we should change it to “What Progress Has Done in Attracting More Orange Cones and Barrels”?

By the numbers

If the mayor thinks she can run the jail on the budget she has given Darr, why doesn’t she go over there and try to run it with that same budget and still follow all of the mandates they have?

Little to show

Mississippi and Alabama have been conservative for 150 years and they are beyond poor — they are Third World.

He isn’t?

Hillary and Obama are trying to scare blacks into voting. Should Trump be trying to scare whites into voting?