Sound Off

Sound Off for September 28, 2016

Low-incline learning curve

It took Trump years to learn Obama was born in the U.S. Wait until he learns Putin is a murdering dictator.

Overreaction epidemic

People are disgusted with the zero-tolerance nonsense that prompted Kansas State to expel a girl because she disguised herself as a black person and posted a picture of it.

Have a look, good buddy

So Trump goes on Russian TV again with Putin. The nuclear codes? Yes, I have them in my pocket.

Your choice

Would you rather buy a house knowing your property taxes will be frozen as long as you live there, or probably increased every year you live there for the rest of your life?

Easy call for me

As a Christian man, I pray every day that Trump doesn’t become president. Hillary can be a cold queen, but at least she’s not a sleazebag.

Long overdue tribute

If anyone deserves a separate, stand-alone museum in Washington, it is the American Indian.

Glaring omission

Dusty Nix's column complaining about patriotic activities at public events, and his historic timeline of how this has "escalated," left out the most important date — September 11, 2001. The War on Terror's not over.