Sound Off

Sound Off for September 29. 2016

These are virtues?

Bragging and laughing about paying no taxes is not smart, especially in front of all of America. Smart would be embracing our neighboring country, Mexico, instead of alienating them.

Due process

We have consequences for people who murder. If a police officer unjustly kills someone, let the system work instead of attacking other people, burning stores and wasting tax money that could help your neighborhood.

Cover-up of a cover-up

One day after Hillary was ordered to turn over evidence of criminal wrongdoing, her minions asked hackers how to change email headers to conceal her name. Many biased reporters simply ignore this.

Were there ‘good old days’?

Can you remember if there was ever a time when people cared for each other and conducted themselves that way?

Whatever he’s selling, don’t buy it

When will the elected officials in this country wake up? Somebody better stop believing Donald Trump or we are in big trouble.

Another sacrifice

A soldier lived next to me and after 7 years he moved. He paid a total of $27,000 in property taxes. I paid $2,000. I thanked him for his service.