Sound Off

Sound Off for October 1, 2016

Real deterrence

The Wells Fargo CEO should be in prison for opening bogus customer accounts, and have his stock and bonuses confiscated.

Out of this world

NASA has received a $19.5 billion budget increase to put people on Mars by 2030. This won’t solve any problems on earth, but create and stabilize high-salary jobs in the aerospace industry.

Tax redlining

Truth of the matter: The property tax freeze disproportionately helps whites since the majority of homeowners are white. Whites have figured out another way to keep their money and take from the minority.

Too risky

The mayor cannot guarantee the courts won’t overturn this bill, and if they do we all lose our freeze exemption. I’m not willing to take that chance.

50 years ago

As a boy in the 1960s, I was ridiculed because my family supported Republican Bo Callaway for governor instead of segregationist Democrat Lester Maddox. We were called "n-word lovers" by our racist Democrat neighbors.

A violent few

Looting, burning, assaulting police officers, etc. This is something we’d expect to see in a Third World country. Americans don’t deserve this.

Seen it before

Donald Trump is trying to smear Hillary Clinton just like his party did with Max Cleland.