Sound Off

Sound Off for October 2, 2016

You don’t have to ask

My daddy always told me not to vote for a tax increase. They’re going to come anyway, so you don’t need to vote for them.

Racist rant

It doesn’t get more racist than Pitts’ column in Sunday’s paper. If Trump were black, you wouldn’t hear any of that stuff.

Two different issues

The freeze doesn’t prevent the city from raising property tax rates. The millage rate cap is what prevents that. The freeze is what keeps property taxes from keeping up with inflation.

Hurt feelings

Let me get this straight — you’re voting for the candidate who will appoint extreme leftist Supreme Court justices because the other candidate, whose proposed appointments and policies jibe with yours, was mean to someone?

Case for electoral integrity

An election can be lost by one vote, so it’s imperative that only eligible citizens vote.

So it’s just that simple

Photo IDs are simple common-sense requirements and easy to obtain. Those opposed want voter fraud.

We paid their bill

So how many decades was the Green Island house taxed at $1,000 while the value increased and the rest of us carried the load?

Act of kindness

To the kind man who found my keys in the road and made efforts to return them, thank you! I failed to get your name or to express how sincerely grateful I am.

Can’t afford these ‘raises’

I’m a CCG employee supporting a family. I can’t remember the last time my pay increased more than my health insurance and retirement costs. Next year my take-home pay will decrease another $1,300.