Sound Off

Sound Off for October 3, 2016


When reading Sound Off I get so disheartened, because men seem to forget we are all made in God's image.

Cash grab

The leaders of Columbus will not stop trying to get your money to fund their pet projects.


Troublemakers who foolishly lump all police shootings together demand something be done. Something has been done every time a shooting was unjustified, like charging the Tulsa officer with first-degree manslaughter.

Informed vote

Get your hands on a copy of the four-page tax referendum law; read and understand all that it will do before you vote. No, the law will not be printed on your ballot.

Now that’s reality

It's official, and please don't laugh: Honey Boo Boo is endorsing Donald Trump for president.

Not convinced

Every time the mayor talks about the freeze, she muddies up the water. Who cares about population figures? Vote no.

Not just words

You old, white, right-wingers using a dictionary for your definition of “conservative”? Get your grandchildren to show you the definition of “demagogue.” See who that reminds you of.


A person who will still vote for The Donald after this first presidential debate will cut off his nose to spite his face.