Sound Off

Sound Off for November 12, 2016

Sweet relief

It is over!

Time for unity

Yesterday we were Republicans and Democrats. Today we're Americans.


“Public service” and “public servants” are phrases that are meaningless.

Pack up

All those folks who promised to leave the country if President-elect Trump wins should immediately honor that commitment.

He’s satisfied

When no wall is built, no new jobs are created, more jobs go overseas or to Mexico, will Bubba be angry? Nah, Bubba got George Wallace, and that was the issue.

Show me yours

Now that Trump has been elected can we expect Al Sharpton to go to jail for refusing to pay his taxes? He will be losing his "cover" after the inauguration.

Feeling ‘blue’?

Democrats have to be furious at the mainstream media for painting a false sense of victory for Hillary.

Keep barking?

Trump is like the dog that has caught the car … now what does he do?

It’s not over

Thaw the Freeze failed. Trust me, though. Mother Teresa will look for other ways to take your money.

Boo hoo

So sad. Too bad. Trump won … Ledger.