Sound Off

Sound Off for November 13, 2016

Time to get over it

Wonder if the Democrats have picked their chin up off the floor yet.

Their folly, our problem

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. But they do know. Now we will have to live with their stupidity and actions.

Go figure

Mexico just rejected legalization of homosexual marriage. You don't even want to think about homosexuality in a Muslim country. Yet liberals love Mexico and Islam. I'm missing something here!

If you’re a star you can do anything …

The "stars" of the movie industry are urging their followers to fight against Trump. Hypocrites leading people who are dumb enough to listen to "stars." Products of a dumbed-down U.S. education system.

Political repudiation

Tuesday, the majority of the United States people told the minority uber-liberal progressives (secular socialists), you have gone too far.

Economic growth ... over there

The steel factories in China are working around the clock to supply steel needed in the wall Trump will build and Mexico will pay for. Make America great again?

No respecter of politics

To those who refused to accept man-made climate change for political and financial reasons: The world’s oceans and glaciers are neither Democratic nor Republican, but they still rise and melt.

Alarming precedent

Trump has divided this country like never before, except the Civil War. God help us all.

Just Earthlings up there

Canada can take care of its people health-wise because they don’t have all of the aliens like we do.