Sound Off

Sound Off for November 14, 2016


You can't trust anybody anymore. If I'd known those celebrities who threatened to leave if Trump was elected weren't going to be true to their word, I'd have voted for Hillary. Man, what a letdown.

You got it

Chinese curse: May your wishes come true. Trump voters: Your wishes came true.


Now that the “thaw” has been defeated, how long before the next SPLOST is on the ballot? Columbus will eventually have the highest sales tax in the state.

Moral weakness

Torture is the method of choice of the lazy, the stupid, and the pseudo-tough.

Performance art

I read Minnesota protesters blocked the Interstate. As it is below freezing there at night, they should have sprayed them with water and got an early start on the statues for the winter carnival.


My sister, a Republican, says "electing career politicians is just getting us deeper into a cesspool." She voted the straight Republican ticket. Enough said.

Trading down

President Obama is a man of integrity, dignity and great spirit. The next president has none of those qualities.

Where’s Nikita?

Remember when Russia said "we will bury you"? The grave digger is on his way to the White House.