Sound Off

Sound Off for November 15, 2016

It’s over

Please take down the political signs in your yard. They are not Christmas decorations.

See headline above

Get a grip and stop scaring little kids with your insane reactions to Hillary losing. I hate having to tell my children there's nothing to be scared of, that something's simply wrong with these people.

Programming change

A favorite G-rated family series ends soon after an eight-year run. It will be replaced by an R-rated comedy/horror series about a chic family of vampires with a guaranteed four-year run. Perhaps.

Accept it or not ...

Watch on "Before the Flood" produced by National Geographic. Photographic evidence proves the climate has been and is changing.

New Christmas tradition?

This year, instead of Santa Claus impersonators, we will celebrate Christmas with Jesus impersonators! Yes, long-haired hippies dressed in white raiment, carrying wine and loaves of bread. Call now!

Nyah nyah nyah

We knew he was lying. You thought we were gullible. We won! Ha ha!

Canada or ... Iraq?

You don't like Trump, leave the great USA. Go to Canada or Iraq and see the freedom you have there.