Sound Off

Sound Off for November 19, 2016

Lock her up

Hillary mentioned “rule of law” in her concession speech. Obama can’t “pardon“ her unless she’s arrested before January 20. Trump must indict, or else violate his oath and our equal protection rights.

New division

Before the election we were Republicans and Democrats. Now that the “Washington outsider” has morphed into a conservative Republican, we’re Republicans and Trump haters.


I have to laugh when people say they couldn’t vote for Hillary because they couldn’t trust her. They’ll find out, in a few months, just what they’ve done.

Political rain

With all the tears coming from the losers in the election, the drought should be over soon. Thank you for your contributions.


The Democrats lost this because they ignored working class families, who represent over 35% of the voters.


It’s so hard to watch our country sink to the level of a dictatorship led by a halfwit.

Electoral irony

Isn’t there irony in that the Electoral College was always thought to be lined up in favor of Democrats but ended up being the final cause of the Republican win? Now the whining is intense.

Trump’s Rove

Steve Bannon, the new turd blossom!