Sound Off

Sound Off for November 21, 2016

Too much

Instead of cleaning up the mess Bush made, Obama added more to the pile. There’s no way Trump can clean all of that up.

Canada? Nope

We Democrats are not moving anywhere, and we are going to stay and fight. You Republicans put the worst man in the White House.

Is that a threat?

To the Sound Offer who said “it’s over”: Oh no, it isn’t. Just wait till we get started.

Simple rules

There are only three qualifications needed to run for President — you must be born on the soil, be 35 years of age and have lived in America the last 14 years.

Free to be jerks

Veterans of every color, race, religion, nationality and sexual orientation imaginable fought and died for your right to be a turd, destroying the very flag they fought for. Your hate-filled ignorance speaks volumes.

Unity now?

Some people are saying we need to “allow President Trump to govern, without unnecessary obstruction,” as one letter writer put it. Where were those voices when President Barack Obama took office?

Still clueless

I see two contenders for the DNC chair are Ellison, who joined the radical Nation of Islam in the past, and crazy Howard Dean. Yeah that will bring the blue-collar vote back to the Dems.