Sound Off

Sound Off for November 23, 2016

Re ‘patriotic’ scold:

When inducted into the Army, I swore to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States ... that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same." No flag or anthem was mentioned.

Political monicker

Working class Americans who pay taxes for the rich elites have a new name. They are now called "Trump Chumps."

Perverse kind of civics lesson

Who are the idiots allowing middle school kids out of class to block traffic? Do kids whose parents voted for Trump have to stay in class? Will this happen after every election from now on?

Not an ‘establishment’ figure

I support the "liberal" who spoke of loving everyone, helping the poor, and forgiving trespassers. His name is Jesus.

Striking contrast

The Ledger-Enquirer shared a Donald Trump story. Next to it was the story of the abducted Mexican priest, found alive ... loved by the people. One a servant leader, one building walls. Offer help instead.

And the lawsuits go on ...

The big losers, no matter what, continue to be the taxpayers. Millions we have already paid so these three can have political squabbles with council. Interest not heard in court is taxpayers. So sad.