Sound Off

Sound Off for November 24, 2016

Insightful perspectives

Thank you, Councilor Judy Thomas, for your approach to casinos. John Grisham's recent novel "The Whistler" is also food for thought on subject.

You’ve been had

Congratulations bumpkins! With the upcoming tax breaks for the wealthy, you will be paying even more for rich scumbags like your orange fearless leader.

Others can do it

President-elect Trump says he won't appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary's exposure of classified materials and bribery. That doesn't mean justice can never be served.

The new political ... reality

Been thinking who our next presidential candidate might be, in 2020. What about one of the Kardashians?

Real ‘outsiders’

So, you thought a vote for Trump was the anti-establishment vote, eh? Well, look who you're getting, along with him — Gingrich, Giuliani and Christie. How's that suit you?

Give it a listen

To those still having a hissy-fit over Trump's election, The Eagles recorded a song just for people like you. It's titled "Get Over It."

All by himself?

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, says he is ending Medicare in 2017.