Sound Off

Sound Off for November 25, 2016

Short and to the point

A message to you whining liberals: Suck it up, Butter Cup.

Right word, wrong basket

As Trump begins to pick his advisers and Cabinet, I think Hillary may have spoken prematurely about a basket of deplorables.

Actually, most are in color now

Most papers are black and white. This one is mostly black. Black crimes, black hatred towards white people.

Double standard

The NFL threatened to pull its all-star game out of Atlanta over the Religious Liberty bill, yet has no problem playing a game in Mexico, where gay marriage is illegal. Do I detect hypocrisy?

Your ‘job creator’ tax

U.S. voters don't understand simple economics. If the super rich or big corporations get tax cuts, you end up paying their taxes.

Doesn’t sound promising

If you want to see what the future will look like, rent and see “Idiocracy.”

To emphasize the point ...

Do all you bitter and heart-broken Democrats feel bad because your person lost? Get over it.

Sound advice

Don't believe everything you think.