Sound Off

Sound Off for November 27, 2016

Get help

Hillary supporters: Obamacare may take care of the treatment of your mental illness.


Protesting election results when you didn’t even vote is like complaining about how hard a wall is every time you slam your head against it. Congratulate yourself. The person you helped elect won.


The utter stupidity of the American people along with their gullibility is scary. The next few years will be chronicled for ages ... If we survive.

Hard lesson

Looks to me like all the uneducated people in this country just educated Hillary, Obama, and the arrogant progressive left.

Poor act

Those talented stage actors and actresses should do better. What an opportunity they blew to be a leading positive influence on our healing process. Will they try to do better? Let’s pray so.

Deal breaker

Evangelicals voted for a man who repeatedly violated every tenet of their faith, values and beliefs … but he’s better than a woman!

Go figure

From the “This actually makes sense in some circles” department: Bernie Sanders says he will continue to be an Independent despite being the head of the Democratic Party Outreach.

Won’t happen

Pray for our new President? Why should I pray for someone born with a diamond-encrusted spoon in his mouth? He’s nothing more than a “bag man” for the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson.

But not funny

The Trump-Pence team looks more like Abbott-Costello to me.