Sound Off

Sound Off for March 3, 2017

Let’s focus, people

Why all the hoopla and drama over the Oscar gaffe? After all, we have much larger problems, such as which public restroom Caitlyn Bruce Jenner should be using.

Disaster from the start

Georgia lost over half the previous Obamacare plans for 2017, with no Humana and probably no Blue Cross Blue Shield plans offered in 2018, leaving maybe one company. The ACA was doomed to fail.

Not a pretty reflection

It has become abundantly clear that Trump represents the living, breathing personification of this nation's ID. So sad.

Wrong prey

Columbus needs a cat challenge, not coyote. Dogs are locked up or on a leash while cats run all over.

That’s quite a lineup

Republicans are too cowardly to face their constituents? Even Democratic legislators refuse to be berated by a coalition of activists, liars, liberal extremists, brainwashed sore losers, anarchists, and just plain nutcases.

Gender neutral

Let's just replace all restrooms with Port-O-Pottys and everybody will be happy then.