Sound Off

Sound Off for March 4, 2017

Pick another vice

If casino gambling doesn't help close the gap on HOPE scholarships then the state must look at adult entertainment. The end justifies the means.

No party line

Anyone who thinks only Democrats are the ones attacking Donald Trump might want to check their eyesight.

Familiar pattern

Islam, though not a religion of terror, sometimes functions as nationalism; and nationalism has a crazy, vicious right wing that reacts violently to outside attacks on the nation.

How dare he?

It's outrageous that the president is obeying his sworn oath by enforcing laws. What kind of barbaric country does what its laws require and captures criminals who are also illegal aliens? Tsk, tsk.

Invalid parallel

The person who thinks DeVos was blocked because she’s white is sorely misinformed. Wallace blocked blacks. DeVos was blocked because she has no business as Secretary of Education.

The real offense

The worst insult to children who don't have money for their lunches is so many kids who get free lunches and toss them into the trash untouched, then go buy sodas, candy, and ice cream.

Count on it

Prediction: In the next presidential election voter turnout will be the largest in U.S. history.