Sound Off

Sound Off for March 6, 2017


Congratulations to Schwob School of Music and Andrew Zohn for another superior Guitar Symposium and Competition. The guest performers were truly world class virtuosos. Thank you, CSU.

Under fire

When it comes to regulating or deregulating guns, we should listen to law enforcement. They're the ones out on the streets having to deal with it. They're the experts. They're the ones most at risk.

Serious matter

The canonization process of Jeff Sessions has come to a screeching halt. He lied to a Senate sub-committee. And no, I am not a Democrat.

More accurate

I would not call Hal Kirven a "political agitator" as your columnist did. I would call him a political activist.

Kremlin Krew

The Donnybrook’s entire governing class appears to have ties with our arch enemy.

Bar set too low

Are you kidding me? Free sneakers because you weren't sent to the principal's office for two months? Shame on us for ever getting to a rewards program like this.

Perfect wording

The ad "Health Means Business" makes a good point. Health care is no longer about health care; it's all about business and how much can we charge a captive audience.