Sound Off

Sound Off for March 9, 2017

Balm for the spirit

All day and night a beautiful stream of peace and love spreads throughout our community. Thank you 107.7 The Truth!

It’s not about party now

Ask every Republican in Congress: Will you save the country from irrational presidential behavior that puts us in peril, or will you go down with the ship?

Doing his job — go figure

It's horrifying that our president obeys his oath of office and the Constitution, keeps common-sense campaign promises, and puts us first. Isn't that just hateful and deeply disturbing? Ooo, I'm so scared!

They’re children, not political pawns

I'm neither anti-gun nor pro-gun. I'm pro-life. And it's time we do whatever it takes to put an end to so much senseless killing of children in gun-related violence.

Cleared of all suspicion

Attorney General Sessions has followed the lead of President Trump and investigated himself and found nothing wrong.

Focus on the big picture

John Pezold — don’t stoop to Hal’s level. Verbal fighting only makes you look like a loser.