Sound Off

Sound Off for March 10, 2017

Depends on the leaf

Interesting that Columbus is considering a ban on smoking while some states have enacted or are considering an expansion of smoking.

Preemptive impeachment

Those angry Democrats are talking about impeaching Trump. They should have impeached Obama before he even got to the White House.

Trouble ahead

So glad to hear that our illustrious leaders are building a roundabout on River Road for a million dollars. Apparently, they haven’t received the data on the difficulty trucks and seniors have with them.

Nice while it lasted

Trump was presidential the other day when he spoke before Congress. After hearing about his crazy tweets afterward, one phrase comes to mind: "He's back"!

So much for that precedent

It is safe to assume that the current occupant of the presidency is not following the tradition of referring to the previous president with respect.

Dream on

Nancy Pelosi dreams of being a force to reckon with.