Sound Off

Sound Off for March 11, 2017

Better idea

Why should more insurance CEO pay over the current $500K be exempted from taxes? Allocate that money to decrease premiums.

Har har

Calling someone who claims Native American heritage "Pocahontas" is not clever. It is racially insensitive and offensive.

No sweat

The Antarctic is about to drop an iceberg the size of Delaware into the southern Pacific. But don't worry, it is just fake news made up by China. Donald will affirm this.

Legacy reset

Teresa couldn’t get the tax freeze thawed, so now she wants a new government center for her legacy. Teresa Tower.

Not the kids

Parents not providing lunches or resources for their children to eat is child abuse and the parents need to be held accountable.

Of course

Drumpf now claims that Obama bugged his phone, and there is an Obama Shadow Government. His zombies believe it.

Food nostalgia

I was wondering where to get one of the ole-timey steak sandwiches. The kind that they served at Goo Goo, Indys, Patterson’s … They are nowhere now.

No komment

Will those darn Rooskies not go away? Can you say "nyet" in a syrupy Southern drawl, Mr. Attorney General?