Sound Off

Sound Off for March 13, 2017

TV miracle

Wow, we actually watched a program the other night without the annoying back-to-back attorney commercials. Were we dreaming?


Barack and Michelle Obama have signed book deals for tens of millions of dollars. I can’t wait to not read them.

Racial woes

If we think it's hard being a black American in the South, try being an American Indian in the North.

Better idea

"A Day Without a Woman" organizers say their strike is intended "to bring politics into the classroom." I have a novel idea: let's bring education into the classroom.

Don Il Duce

Donald Trump is the new Mussolini.

You’re OK, but ...

Donald, trade out Sean Spicer. He talks too fast and he’s adversarial. Your policies are fine but he is not the communicator we need.

The exception

Observations about the generals in Trump’s cabinet are well made. But don’t forget that Benedict Arnold was a general.

High price

Mayor Tomlinson, please don’t build anything else in the city. You are going to run all the taxpayers out of town and in debt.


Smoke-free proposal will go up in smoke.