Sound Off

Sound Off for January 28, 2018

Now that would have been justice

Some of the legal eagles think the judge spoke her mind to much during the Larry Nassar trial. Only thing she did wrong was not sentence him to serve his time in a woman's prison.

Local discretion

Two Atlanta Democrats are sponsoring bills allowing local governments to alter, conceal or remove Confederate markers, memorials or monuments. Can you image the outrage if someone did that to MLK historical markers?

Reliable source

The Trumps were supposed to go to Switzerland for their anniversary. He goes there and she goes to Florida. Rumor has it she met with Hillary to learn how to handle an unfaithful husband.

The human dimension

They are not "illegal aliens" as one writer wrote in. Your words crush and destroy people. They are undocumented individuals with kind hearts. They are our neighbors and our friends.

Better than a polygraph

If Mr. Jello refers to a news item as “Fake News,” you can believe it’s probably true.

Tragic kind of ‘game’

Guns are not toys. You don't "play" with them, because to do so, you are playing with death. Pointing a gun at another person should be a felony.

Where’s that moral compass, Rev?

Franklin Graham, giving Trump a pass for his moral transgressions, would never do the same for a Democratic president, especially a black one. Shameful, disgusting and indecent. May Graham's collection plate be forever empty.