Sound Off

Sound Off for January 29, 2018

Just pennies

I don't ask for much. Just pay me a penny today. And then double that each day for month. And then I'll work the rest of the year for free. Deal?

Credibility gap

Give it up, David (not my Senator) Perdue. You are no match for Senator Dick Durbin … not even close.

Screen prophecy

To see clearly where we’re going, see the movie “Idiocracy.” We may already be there.


Hobby Lobby's ultra-Christian owners who refused to pay for employees’ contraceptives find themselves in trouble with the law. Stolen religious artifacts from Middle Eastern countries ended up in their possession. They should go to prison.

Central power

The Republicans' first budget bill provided that Trump himself control FBI and CIA funding, as well as which investigations are funded or not (Mueller). It reeks of Republican-complicit obstruction if not collusion.

Why do you care?

Bible thumpers, if I have a drink at 11 a.m. on Sunday, please tell me how this affects you and your daily routines.