Sound Off

Sound Off for January 30, 2018

Abbey Road West

That conceptual illustration of 13th Street on Monday's front page was lacking one thing: It should've had The Beatles walking on the crosswalk.

His best asset

Mr. Schmur, Ms. Pelosi and all the clowns from the awards shows are doing their best to ensure current President is re-elected. All your venom and hate does is solidify others and more of them.

Core constituency

Maybe somebody will invite Stormy Daniels to the State of the Union address. She can sit next to the First Lady, or maybe some evangelical stooge like Franklin Graham or Jerry Falwell Jr.


Don't Agree on Changing Anything.

Detached view

Have you noticed the people who want to change our streets in Columbus didn't grow up here? They’re in it for their own agenda. Leave 13th Street alone!

Superb work

The photographs by Mike Haskey of the cast of “The Great Gatsby” and the new owner of the Sputnik were spectacular. Really great composition, effective angles and lighting, and tells the stories.