Sound Off

Sound Off for January 31, 2018

Astute culinary review

In the news: Columbus man arrested in Macon over no BBQ sauce in restaurant. Doesn’t everyone know Columbus is the BBQ capital of the Southeast? He’s just telling the world ...

Way down the ‘food’ chain ...

The reason America keeps getting dumber and dumber is because we do everything possible to circumvent natural selection. You want proof? The people who eat Tide Pods have no idea what I just said.

Not a riveting read

Does management of the Ledger-Enquirer really think what is left of "intelligence in Columbus and Phenix City" are really interested in high school jockspeak? Therein lies why your readership is declining.

Preemptive alternate facts

It was overheard at a recent staff meeting that Trump wanted to bring back Sean Spicer for a cameo appearance on Fox to say Trump's State of the Union was the most watched ever.

Only for top-bracket incomes

Is it an allowable tax deduction to pay your mistress $130,000 to shut up?