Sound Off

Sound Off for February 1, 2018

Random acts of courtesy

The article from Dimon Kendrick-Holmes on saying "My pleasure!" in response to "thank you" was great. Another welcoming one I heard at a fast food drive-thru was "Hope to see you tomorrow!"

Fair enough?

Granting permanent residency to 500,000 of the 600,000 illegals unconstitutionally given deportation protection should satisfy those upset they'd be uprooted, but only in exchange for border barrier and ending stupid chain migration and diversity lottery.

Inspiration contrast

Hillary will leave a legacy of inspiring thousands of women to run for political office. Trump won’t inspire anything, unless it’s more suicides.

Presidential privilege

Why would Mueller care if the President exercises his constitutional right to fire him? How was he earning a living before heading this witch hunt? Maybe he likes spotlights and/or hates Trump.

The taxpayer money flush

Just think — $24 million to upgrade refrigerators. Imagine the cost when they replace the toilet seats.