Sound Off

Sound Off for February 2, 2018

Lethal selfishness

Yes, there's a greed problem. Nothing says "greed" like the person who is willing to endanger other people's lives by running red lights and stop signs just to save a few seconds of their time.

An allegation of innocence

Nixon tried to cover up a crime his men committed, while Trump allegedly tried to cover up nothing.

Just walk away

Mr. Russell needs to step down from his volunteer position with the BOE instead of seeking a $50,000 personal settlement. If he can't stand the heat then he needs to get out of the kitchen.

Party must reclaim its soul

When are Republican elected officials going to step up to the benefit of all citizens and hold this racist, fascist bully accountable for his attack on the fabric of our society?

Pretty dependable barometer

President Trump’s immigration plan must be the right solution as both sides are having a hair-on-fire meltdown.