Sound Off

Sound Off for February 3, 2018

She should talk?

I remember when Cher went roller skating wearing a see-through blouse with no bra to show off her new boob job. And she has the nerve to attack the way Sarah Huckabee Sanders dresses?

Look it up

Under new legislation approved by President Trump, teenagers working on farms will be allowed to work with pesticides that cause cancer. If you think this is fake news, Google it. Trump has no moral compass.

Role model

Thanks to Trump, lying over and over again, like young people sagging their pants, is the new norm.

The downside?

Capping how much state tax an itemizer can deduct is an excellent way to have the wealthy pay a little more in taxes. So why do blue states have such a problem with it?

Unseen humanity

Last summer a Latino man humbly walked across Veterans Parkway. His body was exhausted and his clothing wet with sweat from laboring in the hot sun. A laborer invisible and insignificant to a political world.

All together now:

Russia good, FBI bad.