Sound Off

Sound Off for February 4, 2018

Exhibitionism part of the act

These female singers and performers can’t sing or perform unless they are half-naked or have on see-through clothes.

The half-full glass

With all of President Trump’s trials and tribulations and critics, still be thankful that Hillary isn’t president.

At least stay out of the car

For all the drunkards who have a drink at 11 a.m. on Sundays, please don’t drive until I’ve made it home with my family after church at noon.

The good old days

I remember when the Oscar and Grammy awards shows weren’t politically correct and you actually had to have some talent to win.

Let’s vote on this ... or did we?

Until we can get the wall built, just start shooting the illegals who cross the border. That’s comprehensive immigration reform.

Imported news

I’ve seen more bylines from the New York Times. I guess that’s how folks like it here.

Man of money vs. man of law

Trump has proven that a businessman is a much better president than a lawyer.

Good Samaritan

My sincere gratitude goes out to the person who found my debit card at the Liberty Service Station on Macon Road. Thank you.

Narrow focus

I used to love Sound Off until it became Trump Inc.