Sound Off

Sound Off for February 5, 2018

Traffic chaos

The 13th Street revival needs to wait on Interstate 14. It will be a madhouse otherwise.

Fair & balanced

It would be nice if Sound Offs were more neutral instead of far left. It’s unfair to everyone else.

Lotta Pop-Tarts

In case you don’t know how much 438 grams of marijuana weighs … a Pop-Tart weighs 50 grams. That’s a science teacher talking.

Wise up

If the national education standards where raised significantly, there would be a lot more Republicans.

Solid red

The states in the South are Republican, yet the Republicans are sticking it to them. I don’t understand their ignorance.

Don’t ruin it

No! No! No! on the 13th Street changes. Don’t let those highfalutin Midtown folks cram this down our throats.

Bad part of town

There’s more crime in the U.S. capital than what goes on in the “hood.”

A long wait

Good news: Tiger Woods is back to being strong.