Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 12, 2018

Damage control

The damage Mr. Trump has inflicted on the Republican Party is already enormous. If the party doesn’t make a clean break with him, it will be generational.

Dining rebuttal

I don’t patronize restarants that air MSNBC. There are hundreds just like me in town. Are you mixing up your menu with politics? So silly.

Back to school

If you are worried about where the Muscogee county school district will send your child to next after you have purchased your home based upon the school, I have a solution. Move to Harris County where schools are excellent no matter where you live and Harris Co. could use the tax revenue.

Twenty on red

In light of the recent arrest for having gambling machines, I ask how are the lottery and cash bingo good, but gambling machines are bad? Same principle.

Basket cases

Always pondered the amalgamation of the greedy, hateful and those too ignorant to vote in their own best interest. Turns out it's about 35 percent. Great if you’re a news network, not so much in a two-party system.