Sound Off

Sound off for Feb. 11, 2018

General Disarray

At one time I felt comfortable with General Kelley in the White House, but after learning "White House clearance" is insignificant to him, I really am concerned; a bunch of nuts are in charge.


I don't patronize restarants that air Fox News. There are hundreds just like me in town. Are you mixing up your menu with politics? So silly.

Yeah, but the emails ...

Funny, Trump voters don’t seem all that concerned about who handles classified information these days. I’m shocked.


Who’s great idea was it to block off the intersection of Macon/Jenkins road, and why?

Good fences

Rand Paul was going to hold up negotiations on the Government shutdown. Rumor has it when Mitch McConnell heard about it he called Rand Paul's neighbor and told to come and finish what he started.

Coming next fall

Like "Living Biblically"? Watch "Living Koranically," the sitcom where cowardly men stone their rape-victim sisters to death, honor-kill their daughters for dating Jews, burn girls' schools, and whip women wearing dresses.

Some good news

Happy that the newly appointed Jordan High principal is Craig Fitts. Such caring leadership when my niece was in his school. Each morning he stood in front of the school greeting every child. The best!


Instead of a military parade, can we get BoyKing some Tonka trucks and a sandbox? Call it executive time. He can make the "vroom-vroom" noises if he wants.