Sound Off

Sound off for Feb. 10, 2018

It’s not an apple

A scandal a day will not keep the special prosecutor away.

Parade funds

Instead of spending all that money on a parade why not use the money for homeless vets or send some money to Puerto Rico and give those folks some electricity before its time for another hurricane season.

Finished line

I will forgo watching the Olympics for the first time in my lifetime. It is now too political and full of social proprieties.

Point of light

Be one of the Minnie Wimbish's of the world! Find your cause and be a difference-maker, a peace bringer. Shine into the lives of others, as she did!

Skin deep

I had to laugh when hearing about the latest anthropological data. Europeans were as dark as all our African ancestors until about 10,000 years ago. That means all lily white Neo Nazi’s were black too. Ha!