Sound Off

Sound off! for Feb. 15, 2018

The art of election

Why worry about other nations trying to fool American voters? Simply listen to debates, study candidates' official positions, observe their ads, ignore social media rumors, then vote! Foolproof.

Please explain

In light of the recent arrest for having gambling machines, I ask how are the lottery and cash bingo good, but gambling machines are bad? Same principle.

Big step backwards

Loss of personal freedoms, religious persecution, xenophobia and now Welfare food boxes – welcome to the 1950s.

Listen to me

So Columbus spends millions on widening Warm Springs Road and Veterans Parkway to improve traffic flow and then chooses to close an existing lane on 13th Street. Looks like special interests have prevailed over the people.


I paid off my student loan and didn’t get hooked on heroin. Where did I go wrong!