Sound Off

Sound Off! for Feb. 16, 2018

Here we go

It appears that the lobbying division of the National Rifle Association will be working overtime again. Politicians open your wallets.

Watch your step

What is going on in downtown Columbus? There is dog poop everywhere! Are people oblivious to the dangers of not cleaning up waste? The next bubonic plague will surely start in downtown Columbus at this rate.

Sanity check

Incredible – the only two sane voices on the School Board are not seeking re-election. Shame!

What if...

I wonder if the deceased coach who had been a security guard was armed whether this would have made a difference as it is clear that one guard for a school that size and a posted gun free zone sign was not sufficient.

National crisis

Today's opioid addiction starts in the doctors office then moves to the streets. Doctors over-prescribe opiates so part of the blame should be on the doctors.