Sound Off

Sound Off! for Feb. 17, 2018

Military grade

If you want to play with assault weapons, join the military. Leave them off the public streets.

Speed limitless

If the speed limits were lowered, the people would drive slower and many people would live longer.

Expert advice

When Melania completes her yet-to-be-started anti-bullying campaign, she can start one on marital fidelity. “Christians” will eat it up.

Thanks, Greg

Thank God we still have one man who will stand up and tell the truth about Phenix City’s financial situation. Way to go, Greg.

Local knowledge

They have to hire an engineer from Florida to show the Columbus engineers how to do the 13th Street renovation?

Better business

We have tried to contact the BBB for several days. We keep getting the message that the voicemail is full. How does that help the community?

Lane change

The changing of 13th St. to two lanes ain’t gonna’ help a thing. We had a business on 13th St. with 11,000 cars passing a day. We had easy access. All we ever did was break even.

Keeping the faith

The traitors are trying their best to destroy Trump but he is going to win, rest assured.

Study Wall

Donald Trump, forget the wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Build walls around our schools to protect our innocent children.

Sweet talk

All we get now is George Will and David Brooks. No voice for the people. You people suck.