Sound Off

Sound off!

Left unsaid

I was going to say something bad about Omarosa but God told me to keep my mouth shut.

Long arm

Donnie is a smart businessman, but one day he has to learn that no one is above the law.

Hunting season

I support the NRA for guns to be used for hunting. It does not take an assault weapon to kill Bambi.

Trigger finger

Guns don't kill people ... People do! What has changed in our society that makes someone think killing is okay? THAT's the problem that needs to be addressed. Think about it!


Two-laning 13th Street means cars will have to stop for people to turn left. This will be a disaster. Traffic will not flow smoothly or quickly.


Who’s running our presidency, Trump or Putin?


Both Alabama and Georgia should be most insulted. The Russians knew that we were so illiterate and would vote for Trump so they did not invest any of their "election money" in either state. How embarrassing!


Another shooting, another predictable anti-gun rant by uninformed people. AR-15s aren't unique. Dozens of other guns are equally or more deadly, including old-fashioned semi-automatic rifles with more power and large magazine capacities.

Escape route

After shopping on 13th Street, how long will I need to wait for a break in traffic so that I can back out of that angled parking space?

Sun kissed

As we approach spring and summer, it'll be sad to see all these ladies going to there local tanning booths to get a dose of lethal sunshine.