Sound Off

Sound off!

Final exam

I was intrigued by the proposed drug testing program at Brookstone School. Unfortunately, alcohol will only be identified at parental request. Alcohol is the most abused and deadly substance used by teenagers. Why isn't alcohol testing mandatory?

Single issue

If you are a congressmen and receive money from the NRA you will not get my vote!

Prisoner treatment

Sheriff, we need to know if the prisoners are being provided the medications they need. All you have to say is yes or no. We aren’t asking you what the medical conditions are, just a yes or no — are they getting their medicine?

Two goats short

Trump plays politics, wants to dodge the gun issue, invokes mental illness and social media. Did he forget television and the entertainment industry?

Futile system

There will be no businesses on 13th Street even when you cut it down to two lanes.

Easy reading

Gen. McMaster, thank God you've got Donald to clarify your words for you. You know, there's a good book out there called "Dereliction of Duty." Check it out.

Poo-poo on you

What is going on in downtown Columbus? There is dog poop everywhere! Are people oblivious to the dangers of not cleaning up waste? The next bubonic plague will surely start in downtown Columbus at this rate.

The humanity

What will it take to bring society to its senses?

Contaminated sample

The Democrats do not believe that an intelligent voter should be able to weigh issues and ignore fake media stories. But then they may be sampling their own base voters.

Watch list

Why does our government not recognize the KKK and White Supremacist Nazi groups as being terrorists? It is exactly what they are. Our Russian president is one of them.