Sound Off

Sound off!


TDS victims are outraged because Trump smiled in photo taken at Florida shooting victims' hospital, but ignored the smiling doctors and nurses who, unlike Trump, examined suffering children’s bloody bodies just moments earlier.


Why does the Department of Public Safety leave a dead body laying on the road for 6 to 8 hours for public viewing including relatives and friends?

Give me liberty

The key to successful gun laws is stringent death sentences for using guns in crimes. Mandatory death sentences in all but true self-defense moments, with sentencings carried out within weeks rather than decades.

On the other hand

Crazy folks don't murder people. Crazy folks armed with AR-15's murder people. I am so sick of the GOP-NRA lies. Please register to vote, and on Nov. 6, vote the entire democratic ticket.

Pee-wee shooters

Hey, hey, NRA ... How many kids have you killed today?

Armed guards

I wonder if the deceased coach who had been a security guard was armed whether this would have made a difference as it is clear that one guard for a school that size and a posted gun-free zone sign was not sufficient.

Jury’s still out

Trump believes Russians disseminated false news, but now that it's been shown he didn't collude with them, media critics claim they never accused him of Russian collusion. Really? Sure sounded like it.

This just in

If you get all your information from the Internet, you could make poorly-informed decisions about anything, including how to vote. If you didn't already know this, you shouldn't be voting.

The go-ahead

Has the leader of our government received permission from President Putin to initiate the congressional sanctions program?

Language barrier

During the Olympics, it was mentioned that a Russian skater was studying German so he could take the citizenship test for Germany. Shouldn’t the U.S. require the learning of English for those immigrants who want to become citizens?