Sound Off

Sound off!

Gun control?

I can’t help but wonder if a solid front of united, outraged, vocal, concerned “kids” can do what seasoned politicians are afraid to do. Get guns off the street (at least starting with automatic weapons).

School security

Question: What is the correct definition of an armed teacher in the classroom? Answer: The sacrificial lamb.

Clearance sale

After over a year, there are obviously some issues preventing the President’s son in law from getting security clearance. What are they?

Terrorist defense

I own an AR15, it's a defense weapon, not an assault weapon. My AR is to guard my family, my home, my property and to use against terrorist. What will you use when the terrorist attack?


The president needs a crib sheet to tell mass-shooting surviors, “I hear you.” I rest my case.

My cold, dead hands

If banks and credit card companies deny firearm and ammunition purchases, needless deaths could decline. But then again, the greed factor is a natural lobbyist for that.

Trust no one

Anyone who believes any Democrat or Republican politician is truly not very well informed or perhaps just plain stupid.

On other fronts

As tragic as any killings at a school are, why doesn't mainscream media show concern for the 100s of thousands of deaths by abortion at Planned Parenthood?


I would like to see the courts re-draw the congressional districts in Georgia that clearly favor republican candidates. Gerrymandering devalues votes of the poor and minorities. Georgia district three is a perfect example.

Age limit

There should be no rules, laws or regulations on anything. Everyone should be able to anything they want, anytime they want. Now that's freedom.