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President Bush will veto the war spending bill calling for troop withdrawal, said to be dead on arrival — just like the Bush presidency.


Won't get greener

Why is it that the first person stopped at a red light is always the last one to see it turn green?


Class distinction

I have one daughter at Alabama and one at Auburn, both in the same sorority. At Auburn they live in sorority dorms, but at Alabama they live in palatial mansions. Can someone explain?


Some example

So now the Ledger-Enquirer has two comic strips condoning premartial sex. What next?


Still waiting

Since Oprah is not a racist, I expect to see the Duke lacrosse players on her show any day now.


Do the math

Ann Landers says one out of four people is mentally imbalanced. Think of your three closest friends. If they're OK, then you're the one.


Meet us halfway

Phenix City management, please help Phenix City go green. Give us back our recycling bins and we can stop throwing away good stuff that can be recycled.


Not my ideas

I wish the leadership of the Democratic Party would stop purporting to talk for me. As a 33-year soldier, I've seen war up close. We don't need to cut and run again like we did in Vietnam.



Congratulations to Hugh Grant. I don't blame him for doing what he did. I just wish the baked beans had been scalding hot.



Once again I'm reading in the paper where somebody has molested a child. If the law won't protect them and won't let the parents protect them, who will?


Didn't bother me

I have to say I can't be sick of hearing about Jackie Robinson. Who is Jackie Robinson?


What's the crime?

I got a seat belt ticket, and police are selling cocaine.



The argument that rap or hip-hop is freedom of speech decreases in inverse proportion to the decibel level at which it's played.


Clouded crystal ball

I recently saw a fortune teller business that had closed. You'd think they could have seen that coming.